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Wallpaper removal is not an easy project. Special techniques are required so the drywall is not damaged. If the walls are not properly prepared and the wallpaper is just torn off, the walls will have a great deal of damage. The wallpaper adhesive or glue is what causes most of the damage.

When wallpaper is removed without preparation the damage will cost additional money to have the sheetrock or drywall repaired before new wallpaper can be installed. Certified contractors know how to remove the adhesive properly. This is the reason to use a Licensed and Insured Daytona Beach drywall contractor.

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When wallpaper ages it can make the room and home look outdated. Installing new wallpaper can update the look of a home or business. It can be used to make different types of effects. Some wallpapers even have textures. With so many patterns, colors, prints, and textures, the interior design possibilities are endless.

Wallpaper provides an endless amount of designs. When it is installed by a professional drywall contractor costly mistakes can be avoided. Quality materials will make a big difference in the end results. Wallpaper removal and installation can be a cost effective design update option.

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Wallpaper removal can become dangerous for people that want to do it themselves. The chemicals required to remove the wallpaper can be unsafe. Licensed, experienced drywall and stucco contractors know how to use the adhesive removal chemicals safely. Their process will leave the walls clean, nice looking, and ready to be finished with texture, paint, or new wallpaper. With professional workmanship and high quality materials, your wallpaper removal project will leave the walls ready for the final finish.

Depending upon the final goal, this project can be handled start to finish by an experienced drywall company. Wallpaper removal is the first step, because when it is completed the wall will still need some type of finish. This finish can be texture, stucco, paint, or new wallpaper installation.

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I was very impressed by the way my walls looked after these guys came to repair a hole in the wall. They matched the texture exactly as it was before and can’t see any trace of the hole. Highly recommended!

-April E.

5 stars!

The Contractors arrived on time, made sure to cover everything before they started removing the popcorn ceiling, and then did a great cleanup after it was completed. 5 stars! Thanks again!

-Michelle S.

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I’ve hired many contractors for my various projects but it’s been a while since i met such a dedicated team of craftsmen. These guys know their stuff and do a quality job. I will definitely use them again!

– Gary M.

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