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Drywall Repair  in Oakland, Fl.

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Drywall, also referred to as “sheetrock”, “plasterboard”, “wallboard”, “sheet rock”, or “gypsum board,” is a commonly used material which creates the walls and ceilings in your home. Drywall is also used to patch and repair holes in residential and commercial plaster walls that are much too large for spackling or joint compound repairs. Drywall easily accepts paints and many different types of texture can be applied. Drywall is a great choice of material for your home’s walls and ceilings because it’s easy to install, pliable, and widely available everywhere in Oakland.

Drywall repairs may seem easy to many Oakland residents – until they try to do the repairs themselves! The small hole in your wall that seems simple enough to patch yourself can turn into a big, unsightly bump on your living room wall. Holes like these can often be difficult to smooth which means near impossible to hide. Drywall repair and new drywall installation is not a “Do-it-yourself” job you should go alone. It involves skill and a great attention to detail as well as the necessary equipment & tools to provide the best end results. Not only do you run the risk of sloppy looking drywall, if you plan on painting then you will end up with a sloppy paint job as well. Save yourself the headache, time, and money – Get in touch with us today, for the best drywall repair and new installation anywhere around Oakland, Florida.

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Our Oakland Drywall Repair Services Include:


Drywall Hole Repair


Drywall Crack Repair


Drywall Patch Repair


Drywall Ceiling Repair


Sheetrock Repair


Dry Wall Repairs


Drywall Seam Repairs


Replacing Drywall


Drywall Refinishing


And More!

With years of experience serving the residents of Oakland, Fl. We know we can get your walls and ceilings repaired or installed and textured to match your existing walls or any other type of finish you prefer such as Knock Down, Orange Peel, Skip trowel, Venetian, and others. We pride ourselves on delivering not only quality craftsmanship to each job, but also providing outstanding customer service.

Don’t risk your furniture or home to amateurs.

Before we start any work at your home or business, we will cover all areas with protective plastic. Floors, furniture, fixtures, shelves, cabinets, and anything else that couldn’t be moved out of the area prior. Many companies in the Oakland area try to cut corners and will skip this or “go-light” on what they choose to cover to save some time and money which in the long-run can end up costing you more. We don’t cut corners.

When choosing to repair or install new drywall at your home or business location in Oakland, Fl. It’s important to go with a licensed and insured professional and not an amateur. It takes years of practice and learning to master all aspects of drywall repair from start to finish. When hiring someone who doesn’t have this experience, you will be able to see the lasting imperfections on your walls or ceilings for years to come.

We serve all of Volusia County, call us today at (386) 270 0282 and see the quality work of done by true professionals in the field.

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